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News! - Directory Of Berks County Services

As a public service, we provide this Directory of Agencies and Services in Berks County - these are places and organizations that exist to serve members of our community who are in need of help - places like United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, Senior Citizen centers, Crisis Pregnancy centers, Drug and Alcohol and Chemical Abuse treatment facilities, Domestic Violence emergency shelters, and much, much more.

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This is the "information-only support website" of the ReadingFreecycle group at Yahoo.  This website is not affiliated with, only with the local independently-owned and operated Reading, Pennsylvania Freecycle group. This website is intended for the sole purpose of being an "on-line reference library" that provides support, training, tutorials and information for the members of the Reading Freecycle group. The website is available for public viewing (membership in the ReadingFreecycle group is not required to access this site).

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We need this "information-only support website" because of Yahoo's limitations - the most aggravating of which is that Yahoo only allows 2,000 characters on our home page, including HTML markup (simply put, HTML is the "language" that is used to tell your browser which colors or fonts, etc to use). 2,000 characters may seem like a lot, but it is not - for example, the Rules and Policies page of this website is over 70,000 characters.

We're not complaining about Yahoo - overall, the Yahoo Groups program is terrific and we are very happy to be one of their millions of groups, just as we are very happy to be one of over 4,000 local groups in the world-wide movement.  We're just saying that "cookie-cutter formats" and "one size fits all" programs are rarely a perfect fit for anyone, and rather than gripe and complain about it, or try to squeeze into the cookie cutter, or wear an ill-fitting garment, we created this "information-only support website."